“Chop Arm Strong” Behind The Scenes


Chop Arm Strong by @AaronChewning
Song will be available on iTunes tomorrow!

Governor Nathan Deal
Jeff Foxworthy
Ryan Klesko
The Bert Show
Tom Hart
Mark Owens
The FSS Girls
Mercer Men’s Basketball Team

Aaron Chewning
Dan Duncan

Shot and edited by Remedy Films:
Jamie Graff
Andrew Winchell
Dan Duncan
Shawn Herold
Chase Andrews

Phantom Miro LC320s
Red Scarlet
Canon 6D

“Chop Arm Strong”
Aaron Chewning
Written by A. Chewning, J. Roe and A. Averso

Produced by Aaron Chewning and Jordan Roe
Recorded by Jordan Roe (Atlanta, GA)

Andrew Averso: Guitar
Ryan Harvey: Drums
Brian Hansen: Bass
Jordan Roe: Keyboards and Programming

Video features Andrew Averso (guitar), Tyler Winters (drums), and JR Collins (bass).

Production assistants:
Stefan Bekker
Paul Merril
Andrew Hirsh
Stuart Atkins

The posse:
Kevin Canevari
Jake Gollon
DJ Brooks
James Bento
Nikky Williams
Adam Courtney
Guy Priester
Justin Myler
JP Myler
Jake Dudley
Charlton Cunningham
Kaleb Wilkes
Jordan Blackburn
Leonard Matlock

Special thanks to…
Sasha Dlugolenski
Camille Ferguson
David Robertson
Jordan Foxworthy

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